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Established 2019, The Lizzy Box Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, provides diabetic supplies for type 1 and 2 diabetics. Every donation will go towards a Lizzy box filled with diabetic supplies. The boxes includes Diabetes accessories, Patches, Test strips, Glucose monitors, Glucose SOS, resource materials and much more. Our emergency box is designed to reduce the anxiety and stress you feel due to lack of resources. 

Elizabeth St. Catherine

Hello all!


Welcome to The Lizzy Box Foundation! My name is Taliba St. Catherine, I am the founder of the Foundation. I created this box for people like you and me who has love ones diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

My daughter Lizzy was diagnosed at 23 months in December of 2015. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my son at the time, with severe pre-clampsia. Lizzy had all the symptoms and I had no idea what Type 1 Diabetes was or what to look for. Thank goodness for her pediatrician.

We were in the ICU for a week and in the hospital a total of two weeks. Lizzy's bravery helped us maintain our sanity throughout this entire ordeal.

We've been fighting the good fight for four years now. During these years we've run into crossroads, like running out of supplies or the medical distributor wouldn't ship for a week or two because of insurance policies.

There were times the insurance company would send letters about drastic changes to her policy and it would take us through a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights and lots of money. We found these times to be very difficult and challenging! There was always a gap in the middle, when our supplies didn't arrive. I couldn't stand it anymore!

It was then, I thought, how many other households are going through this? How can I try to fix this? That's when The Lizzy Box Foundation was born.

The Lizzy Box will provide us all the necessary tools to keep us calm during emergencies and laps of insurance coverage.


Founder Taliba St. Catherine

Board of Directors

Dr. Annabelle Morgan, PhD
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Dr. Robert Clarke, M.D.

Dr. Robert Clarke M. D.  began his quest of being a physician and had a scholarship to Seton Hall University majoring in Mathematics.  After graduating from Seton Hall University he was accepted into Medical school immediately after graduating.   


He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey in 2003. In 2007 he became Clinical Instructor in Medicine at New Jersey Medical School where he taught medical students, interns, and Nurse Practitioners that rotated through his office.

Dr Clarke is presently the Medical Director of his practice, East Orange Medical Practice as well as Medical Director for Windsor Garden Care center in New Jersey.  He is also the Lead Physician in the Health and Wellness Alliance, a joint venture with the town of Orange and the St. Barnabas Health Care System in New Jersey. 


In November 2009, Dr Clarke was mentioned in that Edition of “Top Doctors of New Jersey” for his work among Seniors in that State.  He is the recipient of numerous awards including the congressional award for outstanding and invaluable service to the community, and also from the New York State Assembly.  Dr Robert Clarke firmly believes that it is in giving that one is worthy of receiving and that we are our brother’s keeper, which is why he has dedicated his entire life in giving back to those who are less fortunate among us.  

 In 2010 while being a part of the Caribbean medical Mission going all over the Caribbean to deliver free health care to the less fortunate, He felt like there was a need for a similar mission to Jamaica on a yearly basis to also assist the less fortunate, Dr. Clarke then founded the Help Jamaica Medical Mission.  The mission has been going to Jamaica since its formation and has gone to over 50 communities and seen and treated over 18,000 patients.  His Foundation has also performed life saving surgeries both in Jamaica and the USA free of cost to the patient and has gone on to adopt the Linstead Hospital in St Catherine Jamaica.   

Since leaving Canada at 17 to pursue a basketball dream, Annabelle Morgan, PhD, publicly known as Dr. Annabelle, now balances life as a mother of 4, scientist, educator, and author. The dynamic life experiences that encompassed her journey has sparked a deep desire to help others.


Growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada, Dr. Annabelle was a 4-sport captain graduating with a 4.0 gpa out of high school. She double majored in Biology and Chemistry and played college basketball for Dillard University in New Orleans, winning 2 conference championships, and student-athlete award 2 years in a row. Unfortunately, Dr. Annabelle did not get to play her senior year as Hurricane Katrina had hit at the start of the season. She relocated to Eastern Kentucky University and obtained her Bachelor degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.


In the following years, Dr. Annabelle turned down an offer to play basketball overseas and focused on charitable work for NFL organizations while shadowing various physicians looking to further her education and spark her next path. She started graduate work at Georgetown University in Neuroscience, where her research focused on the partitioning of the thalamus by the Eph-Ephrin Receptors and Ligands.

Dr. Annabelle completed her PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where she now resides. At Vanderbilt, Annabelle focused on genetic mutations that mimic the offset effects that chemotherapy has on heart disease. She has presented and published on the resulting cardiotoxicity as well as on the developing cardiac mesothelium. Dr. Annabelle has also completed the NIH clinical trial certification.


During her training, Dr. Annabelle experienced life-changing personal trauma that shifted her focus towards alternative medicine and natural health consciousness. Through Dr. Annabelle’s guidance, her father overcame terminal cancer 10 years ago and has recently just retired. But perhaps the most significant experience is her son Macario, now 4, who has had over 38 percent of his brain resected as a result of uncontrollable seizures.

Dr. Annabelle developed a natural hemp-derived medicine to replace her son’s medications. Bridging the gap with application between her scientific knowledge and discovery of plant compounds, Dr. Annabelle fearlessly treated her son beginning at 7 months old. Since then, he has beaten all odds and has no developmental deficits. Macario is a healthy, normal preschooler. It was at that time that Dr. Annabelle realized her purpose in helping people.


Dr. Annabelle has now left academia in order to pursue the possibilities of implementing cannabis and/or plant compounds in general into current modern medicine. As a result, she has dedicated herself to educating to colleagues worldwide on the connection between the complexity of disease and the significance of utilizing natural components of plants, such as cannabis, to make medicine a more efficient, safe, and personalized process. She consults on medical cannabis legalization, standards, and protocols for a variety of countries and firms. More specifically, Dr. Annabelle has dived into a diversity of research initiatives in hopes to encourage a more embodied approach to precision medicine, where communication between scientists, doctors, and in between are better implemented.

A coin she termed, the upstairs downstairs effect. Her dream is to see a more out of the box medicine protocol which personalizes specific treatments for specific conditions, based on an individuals’ genetic and cellular characteristics. In her opinion, the miraculous recovery of her son is no mistake and should be an example of the need to empower medicine today.