Sponsor a Child!

You can sponsor a Lizzy Box for a child in need by donating and we will gift it in your name or it can be anonymous.

The Lizzy Box will contain the following:

  • Insulin Pump accessories (i.e. Medtronic, T-Slim and Omni Pod) **in some boxes

  • Peelz® Patches  

  • pouch of Glucose SOS® 

  • 1 box Alcohol Wipes

  • 1 box Adhesive Remover Wipes

  • Glucose Meter Kit

  • 1 Mini First Aid Kit

  • 1 Diabetic Bracelet 

  • Diabetic Resources

***The boxes will not contain the Personal Diabetes Manager device (PDM) or Transmitters. Only accessories.

The Lizzy Box Foundation_d00a_03d.png

Who receives the boxes from Sponsor a Child?

A. Children in Jamaica

Here is where you will find our initiatives that we do around the country.

We hold fundraiser and campaigns in different Parishes around Jamaica throughout the year! This year we are in Tennessee! We are headquartered in Nashville.

 We have several initiatives we are holding this year , they will be listed below.

If you would like to apply to be a Volunteer please click Apply!

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Giving Back

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